Keebler’s Travels

Hello fellow travelers!

I’m happy to see you decided to take to plunge and dive on in to my story! Below you’ll find my entire journal log to make it easy for you to get caught up to where a I am today. Or maybe you just like living in the past… doesn’t really matter I guess. Point is, you’re here! I encourage you all to write to me and leave comments and become a part of my story too. Either way, kick back with a mug of mead and get ready for story time. Come find me when you’re done, where ever it is I currently am…

Past Travels

Journal Entries 1-50

Current Travels

51. Alone at Last

52. Exploring the Sinkhole

53. A Dance with Yaghra

54. Chasing Nedoril

55. Identifying the Enemy

56. The Yaghra Monstrosity

57. Nedoril’s Sentence

58. The House of Reveries

59. Securing a Sponsor

60. The First Challenge

61. The Second Challenge

62. Learning About Larydel

63. Becoming Gryphony

64. Firebird

65. Clever

66. Feathermoth

67. The Fraud of Gryphony

68. Delivering Larydel’s Message

69. One Last Request of Gryphony

70. Gryphony’s Final Performance

71. Discovering Larydel

72. Rinyde and Larydel Reunite

73. The Missing Wine

74. The Southern Arbor

75. Strolling the Vineyard

76. The Upper-hand

77. Back to Artaeum

78. Ritemaster Iachesis

79. The Vision

80. Thwarting the Attack

81. Pathway of Ruins

82. Finding the Pearl

83. The Crimson Web

84. The Surprise Behind the Door

85. Valsirenn’s Plan

86. The Battle of Yaghra

87. The Ul’vor Staff

88. Entering the Mindscape

89. The First Memory

90. The Second Memory

91. The Final Memory

92. K’Tora’s Destruction

93. A Living God

94. The Truth About the Heart of Transparent Law

95. Welcome to Alinor

96. Battlereeve Tanerline

97. Proxy Queen Alwinarwe

98. Golden Gryphon Garret

99. Home Away From Home

100. Settling in at the Inn

101. An Agent of the Aldmeri Dominion

To be continued….