So you came here looking for a little more information on what this site is all about and to learn more about who’s creating this, huh? Well, let me start off at the beginning…

I’ve been playing ESO since it was in its early stages as a beta. When it was released on PC I sat by waiting until the day it finally launched on the PS4. I took a few days off of work and dove into the world of MMORPGs. I had only played solo games up until this point.

My primary games I played were fantasy games such as Dragon Age and other Elder Scrolls titles like Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim. So the jump to ESO wasn’t hard as I had been obsessed with the lore from that world for ages. All I had to do was learn how to enjoy an MMO.

In the beginning, I was like many new players. Taken aback by the awe and beauty of the game and the frustrations from limitations in the game early on. But as Bethesda/ZOS worked out the kinks, the game grew into something even better. I found guilds to play with, currently I’m playing with Just Tacos (an all lady guild) and the Loreseekers (a guild formed around a lore based podcast). I got better at the game and was able to contribute to group content more, I was even finally getting the hang of PvP.

Flash forward to now, where I’m still playing the game and having played most of the content available to me in game. I found myself wanting something more. I at this point had 4 CP level characters and a slew of baby characters and had played many races and classes. In my head they all have a backstory and a personality that plays out in the depths of my mind. But I wanted more.

One day it dawned on me that one race I hadn’t played yet was the Bosmer. I knew I wanted a sassy little wood elf at some point but wasn’t sure the best way to use one. Around this time is also when I found myself getting caught up in the frenzy of power leveling and blowing through content and found myself missing out on many good stories and plots.

This is where Keebler Sparrowgrass comes into play. I created a little Bosmer Warden one day and named her Keebler, a play on my gamer tag (iamkeebler) and my nick name (Keebler). I wanted to know what it would be like to exist on Nirn and planted essentially myself into the game. Using my own personality to influence decisions, reactions, and outcomes to the game. Keebler began to become a extension of me, an inflated sense of who I really am.

I began to keep track of her story, how she reacted to events, and built a story around my character. It helped me to slow down and spend some time enjoying the stories that were playing out all across Tamriel. I eventually had so much content that I began to turn it into a blog, mainly so I could easily look back on past quests and keep up with how the stories tie together sometimes. I figured there has to be a few people in the world that enjoy reading content like this so here I’ve placed it so anyone can enjoy the tales and travels of Keebler Sparrowgrass.