An Agent of the Aldmeri Dominion

I downed my mug of ale and went to go have a chat with the innkeeper, Vintenwen. I walked up to her counter as she glared at me the whole time. “What do you need?” She said gritting her teeth. “Oh nothing. Figured I’d come have a chat to get to know you more since it looks like I’ll be sticking around here for quite some time.” I said to Vintenwen.

She nodded at me, replying “Found your letter then, eh? My original statement stands. I don’t care who’s paying for your room, if you cause trouble here you’re out on the street!” She then said she had word that my armor was ready to be picked up and suggested I leave her inn to retrieve it and give her a break from my face. I smiled and walked out of the inn. Living here was going to be fun.

I walked through the city again, making my way to the market to find the armorer, Nuzon. According to Vintenwen, that was the one who fulfilled the Queen’s order. The layout of this city was elaborate, like a maze of archways and pathways and bridges and alleyways. I eventually found my way to the heart of the city, the markets.

I walked around the stalls and was surprised at the variety of the wares that I saw at each one. There were multiple armorers selling styles of armor I’ve never seen before. I got butterflies in my stomach as I approached the one stall with a Khajiit in the marketplace.

I approached and asked if he was Nuzon. “Oh? Does ‘dis one wish to speak with Nuzon? Then Nuzon wishes to speak to you! How can ‘dis one help you today?” He said back to me, bowing to show me his wares. I told him who I was and that I was here to pick up an order. He stood up promptly and rushed over to a locked chest and pulled out a parcel.

“A rare honor to fulfill an order of her majesty the Queen. ‘Dis one was happy to help.” He then presented the parcel to me and instructed me to open it up behind the partitions and try it on. I obliged, wanting to make sure it fit correctly before I left his stalls. I opened it up and was surprised to find a letter from Queen Ayrenn again.

In it she said she had a mission for me, details to be told when time was right. Until then she suggested I take a break for a few weeks and that she’d call on me wherever in Nirn I was. She said she had ways of finding me anywhere if needed. Lastly she ended with instructions for the armor. I needed to keep it with me at all times and wear it in moments I had to represent the crowns matters.

I placed the letter in my pack and remembered my armor that needed repairing. I called to Nuzon and he rushed over frowning when he saw me still in my clothes. Before he could protest I shoved my old armor in his hands and asked him to fix it up for me and clean it up.

After he agreed and walked away I pulled the armor out. It was stunning, a mix of leathers and metal, the crest of the Aldmeri Dominion emblazoned on the chest. The bottoms were mostly leather, cut intricately to make riding a horse easier. I put it on and glanced in the mirror Nuzon had set up near me. I was so… official looking. I smiled and made my way back to the inn to plan my little vacation.

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Sucked in by the lore of ESO, I sought a way to connect more with my character and the story. I was inspired to create Keebler Sparrowgrass and document her journey through Tamriel and decided to invite you all come along for the journey.

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