Settling In at the Inn

I took my armor off and decided I’d take it with me to the armorer to see if he could get it cleaned and repaired. I slipped my robe on, grabbed my towel and made my way to the washroom. Soaking in a tub felt amazing, I didn’t realize how dirty I had become, scrubbing and turning the water darker. Deciding I was clean enough I made my way back to my room.

I pulled an outfit out of my wardrobe and laid it on the bed. Making my way over to the mirror I comb out my hair. I couldn’t believe how long it had gotten! I didn’t want to bother with getting a haircut right now so I braided it in a crown around my head. This would at least give me some relief from the warm, damp air in Alinor.

After putting on my outfit I heard the faint sound of music outside my door. I peeked my head out and heard a beautiful voice singing along to a lute. I went back into my room, gathered my items I needed in my pack, and made my way out to the lounge outside my room.

I sat at a table and a waiter came by with a tray of drinks. I gave her a coin and she placed a cup down on the table before walking away. It appeared to be some sort of wine. It wasn’t what I was craving, but I drank it anyways while listening to the sounds of the bard. I think I could like living here in Alinor.

When my drink was done, I decided to make my way down to the bar to see what the atmosphere was like down there. The bar itself was dimly lit, the kitchens were off to the side as well so it was nice and warm. The space had a cozy feel to it and it made me smile. I walked up to the bar and ordered a Red Rye Ale. The bartender wasn’t too interested in small talk though, he was caught up in a story another patron was telling.

I would have tried to listen in as well, except I kept getting this feeling someone was watching me. I glanced around the room but didn’t see anyone looking at me. Out of curiosity I glanced behind me and saw the innkeeper glaring at me. I wonder what her problem was? I decided to go have a chat with her and find out.

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Sucked in by the lore of ESO, I sought a way to connect more with my character and the story. I was inspired to create Keebler Sparrowgrass and document her journey through Tamriel and decided to invite you all come along for the journey.

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