Golden Gryphon Garret

I made my way back through the city towards the Golden Gryphon Garret. I kept to the only route I knew, I figured I could explore this place later. For now I just wanted a bath and to to kick back and relax for a bit. Maybe even grab a fresh mug of ale. I finally made it back to the inn and made my way inside.

The door opened up into this dark and cozy space with a room off to each side of the entrance and stairs leading up. To the left was the bar and kitchen, I’d have to visit that later. To the right was the innkeepers desk and an additional seating area for patrons.

I approached the counter of Vintenwen the innkeeper, who was shrewd and short with me. I told her who I was and that the Proxy Queen has set up a room for me here. She flipped through her books looking for my name amongst her ledgers. She stalled at a name in her books and her face grew sour while glaring at the pages. She began to speak in an irritated tone.

“Yes, we have a Keebler Sparrowgrass listed her for our largest room for an unspecified amount of time, currently the room is paid ahead for two months.” Wow, two months of free lodging! I was thrilled to hear I’d be staying put for a bit. Vintenwen continued, “I want to make it very clear to you that your kind hasn’t been welcomed in my inn before the Queen’s Decree. Don’t let me regret letting you stay here.”

I agreed while silently giggling in my head at how paranoid the innkeeper was. Vintenwen came around the desk and said she’d show me to my room and began to walk through the inn. I followed behind closely as we climbed up the stairs. We went up one flight and was on a floor with two rooms of community sleeping quarters. I peaked my head in and was impressed with how many beds they offered here.

We went up another flight of stairs which lead to a large space with various seating options and a stage for performances. Along one wall was a door that the innkeeper walked towards. She handed a key over to me and then made her way back downstairs. I slowly opened the door and found myself in the most magnificent space.

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Sucked in by the lore of ESO, I sought a way to connect more with my character and the story. I was inspired to create Keebler Sparrowgrass and document her journey through Tamriel and decided to invite you all come along for the journey.

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