The Truth About the Heart of Transparent Law

Finally leaving Sotha Sil’s side I reflected on all the things I wish I had said and all the things I wished I hadn’t. Reflection is sometimes unkind. Why didn’t I leave him right away instead of gawking at him? It really didn’t matter, I get the sense that he wouldn’t really remember me anyways. He seemed like someone who got lost in their thoughts easily and saw everything around him as trivial. As if the only purpose to the things around him we’re for contemplating on and studying deeper.

I shook my thoughts about Sotha Sil and continued to race back through the college ruins, and back into the center of Artaeum. I finally made it back to the Ceporah Tower and asked the first Psijic I encountered where I could find Ritemaster Iachesis. He was of course in his study, so I made my way to him.

As I entered his study I could see him finishing up a conversation with Valsirenn and Oriandra. Valsirenn was tasked with heading to Lilandril and Oriandra he sent to speak with the Queen’s Eye. I knew that meant Razum-dar and was thrilled that I wouldn’t have to be the one to explain all that has happened to him.

As they left his study, the Ritemaster noticed me approaching him. “I owe you a debt of gratitude, friend of Valsirenn.” He went on to explain how exquisite the work Valsirenn and I had done. He was really impressed with what we had accomplished, that we had accomplished what he had not. Taking down K’Tora and defeating him from his own mind while protecting the memories the Ritemaster kept inside.

“I saw K’Tora’s memories… but… I’m not sure I understand what exactly happened to you.” I said, hoping he’d fill me in a bit so I could understand the big picture better. Ritemaster Iachesis went on to explain that K’Tora had tricked him long ago, making him remember a victory he had never actually won. At that time! K’Tora also implanted a compulsion buried deep inside his mind so when the time was right he’d steal a piece of the Heart of Transparent Law from the Crystal Tower.

This had already occurred, the Ritemaster explained and that when he had stolen it, he hid the Heart away and now can’t remember where he placed it. He suspected there was magic at work keeping this memory blocked from his consciousness. It was this memory that K’Tora was searching for.

“What is this Heart exactly?” I asked, truly curious why this object was about to cause so much doom for all of Summerset and possibly Tamriel. The Ritemaster explained to me that the Crystal Tower is a mystical protection for Summerset and the crystal, called Transparent Law, is the tower’s source of power.

Now that the Heart of Transparent Law has been removed, the Crystal Tower is slowly weakening as does the protection provided by it. It was imperative that the Daedric Princes didn’t acquire the Heart or they could control the Crystal Tower and destroy the isle of Summerset.

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Sucked in by the lore of ESO, I sought a way to connect more with my character and the story. I was inspired to create Keebler Sparrowgrass and document her journey through Tamriel and decided to invite you all come along for the journey.

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